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 Whether you are looking for an exciting career to add a few hundred dollars a month to your income with only a few hours of work each week or looking to earn a potential six-figure income! I’d love to help you meet your goals!  Join PaperPie — this is an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in children’s lives!   -Amy Smith, M.Ed., Senior Director & Brand Partner for PaperPie
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Have you ever dreamed of …

  • More time with your family?
  • Greater financial security?
  • Sharing your passion for books and literacy?
  • Building an amazing home library?
  • Traveling the world?
  • Helping others reach their dreams?

Thousands have discovered life-changing opportunities with Usborne Books & More. More than just a career, they find a close network of friends who encourage one another to reach for their dreams … and cheer them on when they achieve them!

Join under Amy Smith, M.Ed., today!

Hear from Amy….


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What does it cost to become a brand partner?

New Consultant Kits include display titles and business supplies carefully selected to ensure your success in Facebook parties, booths, home parties, etc.

New Consultants joining Usborne Books & More can choose between two kit options:

  • You can now join with $10 Account Activation!
How much money can I make?

The income opportunity is limitless! Through our various marketing opportunities you’ll earn an average of 25% commission based on your sales volume. When you choose to become a Team Leader, you’ll make even more. We have one of the most generous compensation plans of any direct sales company. You will find this business to be quite lucrative. The average income of a party is $100.

How is this different from other home show businesses?
We offer a product that everyone needs! Books are right up there with food and clothing! Even if your guests do not have children of their own, they will need to buy gifts for the children in their life. Children grow up fast and are constantly need new books. Children grow up fast and are constantly needing new books.
I am not a “Sales Person”. Can this still work for me?
Yes! Very few of us are naturally born salespeople! In fact, most people join Usborne Books & More without any sales experience. We have many homeschoolers, mothers of school-aged and young children, people who already work full- time, professionals with PhD degrees, retirees and people who just love the books. There are no set time requirements. You may work as much or as little as you want. However, your earning will be directly proportional to your efforts. We believe in building relationships. You are simply sharing your favorite books and helping others choose books for the kids in their life. Your enthusiasm and the books will speak loud and clear.
How will I be supported?

When you join Usborne Books & More, you become a part of our family and team.  You will have one on one training from me and our multi-million dollar team’s step-by-step training.  We have the New Consultant tools you need to have a successful, and supported, start! I am looking forward to leading you to success and helping you to begin your new business.


What is the model of this kind of business?
Usborne Books & More is a Direct Selling business. The business is designed to be easily run from your home, with NO inventory required. Our various marketing opportunities include:

  • Parties – Parties can be held both in the home and online! The host earns a generous amount of free and discounted books.
  • Book Fairs –Set up display of books plus an online event for a private or public school, hospital, daycare, preschool, home school group or other organization. They can earn up to 50% in free books based on their sales.
  • Fundraisers- Raise money for organizations you care about and build connections in the process!
  • Reach for the Stars!! – A pledge-based reading incentive program that gives at least 100% back to the organization in the form of books and/or cash.
  • Cards for a Cause – A unique program with value-for-money boxed greeting cards and a high return rate to the organization raising funds.
  • Literacy for a Lifetime – A 50% matching grant program partnering with businesses, foundations and individuals to help support organizations that are working to increase literacy in your community.
What is the CLIMB beginning incentive program?

The CLIMB Incentive Program is for new Consultants designed to encourage and reward early accomplishments with business building tools to ensure continued success.

During your first 8 weeks you can earn free books of your choice and cash bonuses as you build your business. (Including $250 in free books and $100 cash!)  Plus opportunities to earn even more!

I am happy to answer any further questions you have about this amazing way to start your new business!

What are some other benefits of becoming a literacy consultant?
Free books for your family, luxury vacations, exciting awards through monthly Home Office Challenges, national recognition, access to Usborne Books & More endorsed health and life insurance programs, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging a love of reading, friendships, personal growth and development, plus so much MORE!
Shop Usborne Books Kane Miller Books
PaperPie Home of Usborne Books Kane Miller Books
Shop Usborne Books & Kane Miller Books